When you join UTV Interact you will be asked to provide a current email address; it is to this email address that we will send links to surveys we would like you to complete. Along with the link, the email will provide you with information on the length and on the reward you will receive for completing the survey. In general a survey takes 5-10 minutes to be completed. You will be offered surveys from various companies, covering a wide range of interesting topics (e.g. your favourite brands, your favourite TV programmes, advertisement campaigns etc.)

By answering our surveys, you have the opportunity to actively contribute to the development of the TV offer and in the improvement of communication in the market.

You are never obliged to answer a survey but for every one that you complete we will give you a financial point reward as a thank you.

Joining UTV Interact is voluntary and free of charge; and as a member you are guaranteed confidentiality as all information we gather will be summarised across a number of members.

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