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Interactive, the digital arm of UTV was formed in May, 2008 to carry forward the ideology of content creation for platforms such as mobile and web. The digital universe is expanding and these mediums are growing at an exponential rate, offering limitless potential. UTV has identified this tremendous potential and are creating products and applications that consumers can use and enjoy.

Audio Cinema

Audio Cinema offers movie enthusiasts, an audio version of their favourite movies with dialogues and narration by dialing in to an IVR number. Opening the audio box office with smash hits such as Fashion and Sholay (Hindi), Prem Loka (Kannada), Thalapathi (Tamil) and Gang Leader (Telugu), Audio Cinema continues to add latest blockbusters to its library and has movie buffs hooked on to their phones each Friday with refreshing new content.

Audio Cinema is available through various mobile and landline service providers. There are many interesting features associated with it in case the user wants to listen to the movie at a later time, which language he wants the movie in, and how he can access the movie anytime, anywhere. The current library has films in 10 languages Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, Gujarati, Malayalam and Bengali. 2 movies are release bi-weekly in each language to optimize the shelf life of the film. Audio Cinema today has a base of 2 million users across all operators for this product.

Celebrity Business

UTV Interactive provides digital content for celebrities. UTV is engaged in the business of creation and distribution of new media content in the domain of voice, video, text and images featuring celebrities. With rights to the likes of Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta, John Abraham and Ileana D'Cruz among others, UTV Interactive offers millions of fans direct and instant access to their favorite celebrities across all verticals. By conceptualizing and monetizing the digital persona of celebrities across diverse touch points, UTV Interactive has carved a niche for itself in the digital entertainment space. Fans can now get a firsthand experience of their stars through their hand-held devices and via PC-driven platforms. Going beyond just images and wallpapers, UTV Interactive is innovating and exploiting celebrity-driven content through voice chats, voice blogs, video alerts, official YouTube channels, social media networks, applications and more!

UTV Mobile Video

All mobile video content currently is built on top of television or movies content. The nature of these mediums, controls the content that is created for it (e.g.: TV = Family viewing = Saas Bahu). The average Indian movie is 3 hours in duration, which cannot be adequately minimized for mobile in length, without making it dramatically incorrect. Due to the limitations of these mediums, all aggregated content for mobile is handicapped by the limitations of its ancestral media. Moreover, existing content is over-syndicated, causing it to be ubiquitous, and hence diminished in its value to the end consumer. UTV's Mobile Video is based on the premise that content for mobile has to be created by listening to mobile users and then giving them what they want. We listen by scanning the web and mobile for what people are searching for. Be it Bikini Models, Shakira or Priyanka Chopra, and then, work with the TALENT directly to create content that will appeal to the medium and it's sensibilities.

UTV Interactive is all set to captivate the youth as well as the masses by providing entertainment on their private screens. UTV is tapping into it's entire eco-system of creative content creators and existing celebrity relationships, it's using the same ecosystem of teams and individuals who have re-defined films and television, from Rang De Basanti to Sheila ki Jawani, from Big Switch to Emotional Atyachaar, and is bringing its entire creative might to made for mobile. Innovative video entertainment, ranging across popular genres that interest the youth - Bollywood, Comedy, Astrology, Religion, Health and Fitness will be especially conceptualized for the on-the-go consumer of today.


UTV Interactive has created a library of over 15,000 songs and continues to add digital and music rights for various upcoming movies and independent albums from both Indian and international artists. In addition to this, the Interactive division has also been a regional player, particularly in the Southern region where it owns a movie catalogue from Lahiri.

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