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abhishek-dhusia-83.jpg Dhusia
Name: Abhishek Dhusia
Currently Pursuing: Passed out of Mumbai University with a degree in Mass Media. Currently a Hip-Hop rapper in Mumbai.
5 Years from now: Successful in whatever i am doing. Will definitely a better lifestyle than what i lead in the present
Turning Point: When asked to judge the 'War Of Rappers' at Umang - amongst the biggest college festivals in India
What makes you unique: I believe 'Reality is wrong-Dreams are true' and apart from that, my 2 alter egos: Ace and 39!
aditya-paranjpe-84.jpg Paranjpe
Name: Aditya Paranjpe
Currently Pursuing: 3rd Year engineering in B.Tech from VJTI (Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute), Mumbai
5 Years from now: A successful green Entrepreneur
Turning Point: When i was appointed as V.P of AIESEC Mumbai
What makes you unique: My ability to understand people and therefore to adapt easily in a team environment.
apoorv-thacker-58.jpg Thacker
Name: Apoorv Thacker
Currently Pursuing: 2nd Year Engineering from Padmabhushan Vasantdada Patil Institute of Technology, Budhagaon
5 Years from now: I plan to join FTII, pursue a film direction course and become a renowned film director
Turning Point: Winning the 1st prize for back stage sets in a local drama competition.
What makes you unique: I have excellent knowledge about world cinema, in spite of being from a small town.
arjun-chugh-123.jpg Chugh
Name: Arjun Chugh
Currently Pursuing: Awaiting TYBA examination results. Planning MA in Psychology.
5 Years from now: Running my own business.
Turning Point: When I was invited by WFUNA to New York for their event
What makes you unique: Being proactive in all activities and a leader by nature. I'm clear about my life and take things calmly.
arjun-panwar-66.jpg Panwar
Name: Arjun Panwar
Currently Pursuing: BBA from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies
5 Years from now: To be a respected film producer
Turning Point: When I got selected for my course as it was a very intensive process
What makes you unique: My diverse interests in film, sports as well as business.
farhan-syed-132.jpg Syed
Name: Farhan Syed
Currently Pursuing: A stand up comedian as well as freelance show-writing for TV Channels
5 Years from now: I see myself as an acclaimed creative writer and cartoonist
Turning Point: 25th Nov, 2008: When I realized that I was solely responsible for my life's happiness and its state.
What makes you unique: My ability to find humor in the simplest of things.
jay-bhatnagar-125.jpg Bhatnagar
Name: Jay Bhatnagar
Currently Pursuing: Job Hunting and running my student action group - Rights, Camera and Action
5 Years from now: Working as an Investment Banker and also being associated with think tanks writing about Security Issues.
Turning Point: Being exposed to the code of honor at my College which taught me to think for myself and also give due credit to others for their efforts.
What makes you unique: My multifaceted personality
marina-george-88.jpg George
Name: Marina George
Currently Pursuing: SYBA in Literature, psychology and Philosophy, Sophia College, Mumbai. Part of the Excellence in Arts Programme (EXAP), Sophia College
5 Years from now: I see myself living the life of a twenty four year old to the hilt
Turning Point: Realizing that there's only so much control you have over your life... The decisions you make are half chance.
What makes you unique: I'm a free spirited, highly opinionated Nutella addict who possibly suffers from hypersomnia
niels-maurice-caszo-35.jpg Caszo
Name: Niels Maurice Caszo
Currently Pursuing: Bachelor of Arts from St Xaviers
5 Years from now: Having my own start called "Idea Man" - A creative marketing solutions company
Turning Point: Joining AIESEC
What makes you unique: I'm honest, blunt and always bubbling with ideas
piyush-nahata-3.jpg Nahata
Name: Piyush Nahata
Currently Pursuing: Owner of Element Sessions, an artist management firm.
5 Years from now: A serial entrepreneur with a multi-million dollar valuation
Turning Point: When I was offered a position of a professor in my own college and when I was invited as a lecturer at IIM Ahmedabad.
What makes you unique: My confidence in interacting with eminent people on a one to one level without any inhibitions.
pranav-adarsh-19.jpg Adarsh
Name: Pranav Adarsh
Currently Pursuing: Working for Trade Guide as Editor.
5 Years from now: Filmmaker, writer/novelist and continuing as Editor of Trade Guide.
Turning Point: Twice - post standard 10 in school, an event that imbibed curiosity and a desire to excel intellectually. Next, before graduation when immense responsibility was thrust upon, very unexpectedly during a delicate personal phase that built character and enhanced practical knowledge.
What makes you unique: Being foresighted and innovative with an acute sense of practicality has always been a mental undercurrent.
priyanka-khimani-111.jpg Khimani
Name: Priyanka Khimani
Currently Pursuing: LLB from Government Law College
5 Years from now: A successful TV show writer and an expert in Intellectual property rights
Turning Point: When I got my first break as a TV writer at age of 15
What makes you unique: I'm multi-faceted and have equal interests in academics and writing.
sachit-mohan-75.jpg Mohan
Name: Sachit Mohan
Currently Pursuing: MBA from SPJain.
5 Years from now: Playing a key role in a major MNC and doing some game changing work in the sector
Turning Point: When my father was held hostage during the 26/11 siege at Taj, i stopped taking life for granted
What makes you unique: At a young age, have a deep rooted understanding of brands and the subtle nuances of marketing.
sapan-verma-130.jpg Verma
Name: Sapan Verma
Currently Pursuing: Freelance writer for various TV Channels and Stand up Comedy
5 Years from now: Finding a niche in writing.
Turning Point: Every new experience for me is a turning point, depends on how one uses it!
What makes you unique: Am extremely focused am yet opened to new ideas.
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